Family Portrait (2018)

Video Documentation
The ideals of the nuclear family have often perpetuated feelings of shame and exclusion for individuals who do not fit into this traditional framework. Most audience look at this short clip and feel moved. There is something beautifully innocent about watching the composition of the portrait unfold. In many cases, individuals or groups who are part of the majority or hold privileged positions may not fully see or understand the exclusion and the judgmental looks faced when we go out and about in public. 

In this personal clip, there lies both pain and longing for what society deems as a "normal, happy family”. Grieving for not fitting into the conventional mold The yearning to experience the perceived ideals of “a happy family” as well as the pure love, joy and connection I feel when I re-experience this moment truly for what it is.  

“In our family portrait we look pretty happy, let’s play pretend, act like it comes naturally.”
- Pink, Family Portrait