I had to leave to see the sea (2022)

Riso Print, Digital Prints  and collection of writings

In the aftermath of covid I felt a restlessness rushing through me. 
It all started febuary 16th, 2022. I vividly remember this sentence stuck in my head, 
like a mantra “I had to leave to see the sea. I had to leave to see the sea. I had to leave to see the sea.” In the bus on my way to the beach I wrote several poems. Once I got out at Katwijk, I felt as if I could breath again, for the first time in months.

I recall running, kicking my shoes off my feet as I entred the soft cold sand -  'I Follow Rivers' style.

And so the phrase “I had to leave to see the sea” developed itself further into “I had to leave to see the sea -- just to keep my sanity” 

That summer I developed a lifestyle. Every day of every week for three months straight I had to visit the beach. Me and a friend would go there, to go back into the maternal womb, the ocean. To play, to bathe, to enter a meditative state. I would knit, I would write, I would sunbathe, I would loose time. 

As the summer faded, we closed off our routine with a fire-ritual. A habit I brought into this year from the prior one. 

This phase in my life translated into digital prints, a risoprint, and a collection of writings. On the Hotglue webpage I created, I posted a selection of images and writings arranged in a mindmap/collage format.