Live Performance
Vocals, Ableton, MIDI
This poem revolves around themes of destruction, renewal, and transformation, with a strong emphasis on the symbolic power of fire. The repetition of the phrase "build us back up" as a cry, a desire for rebuilding or regeneration after some form of devastation or downfall.

The use of "fire" throughout the poem as a metaphor for both destruction and purification. It is associated with the dropping of things, symbolizing the shedding of old or negative aspects of the self, letting go of burdens. "Burning the ego down" and "building back up" to imply a process of self-improvement and personal growth, where one seeks to dismantle negative qualities and rebuild a stronger and more enlightened version of themselves.

Venus rising represents new beginnings, new love, while heaven falling signifies a shifting paradigm and questioning established beliefs. Heaven being a metaphor for heteronormative love. The kind of love that, according to a lot of populair songwriting, will get you into heaven. Well I have heard, we are building our own sapphic universe. Our own sapphic Heaven. “VENUS”. (the angelic modulated voice go, whispering to one-another, gossiping “have you heard?” and “tell me something” hopefull and determinated “Venus is Rising and Heaven is falling”.