When Grey turns Purple

Spoken Word
Duration 8 - 15 minutes
‘When Grey turns Purple’ is a collaborative interdisciplinairy spoken word piece written and performed by Doris Kolpa and Noëmi Hofstede. Touching on the existential crises felt through modern-day womanhood. The intertwined poems explore themes of identity and change. Creating a powerfull flowing collaboration to eerie bass tones. 


We’re yearning. This is something different from crave. We crave sugar, dopamine. We only yearn for something when it is lost. The big void of something missing. We’re yearning for something to be different but seem to have no real intention, resulting only in despair. Desperation and emotional turmoil. A thrope well-known for female writers. Why is it that we relate to woman like Lana del Rey and Sylvia Plath?

The album of Lykke Li says it all “so sad, so sexy” - how does that work?